Setting A Course
For Greatness

At the Cobbs Creek Foundation we seek to create an all-inclusive, state-of-the-art golf and educational campus that provides opportunity for the diverse youth of Philadelphia. By revitalizing this legendary landmark, we will create an economically sustainable public campus which will offer world-class golf and provide educational and community programming. Cobbs Creek will remain an inviting and supportive public course that welcomes all players from every background and at every level. 


This Restoration Isn’t Just a Preservation of Philadelphia’s Past,
It's an Investment in Our City’s Future

The revenue from this restored historic Philadelphia golf course will be invested into educational programming, community programming, and scholarships. This model will create exciting educational opportunities and increased revenue and tourism for the City – all while cultivating community cohesiveness.

Our Approach



Through frequent dialogue and authentic engagement with the surrounding community, we are working with and for our neighbors in the revitalization of Cobbs Creek, creating a campus that welcomes and supports the local community.

Community Events


Harnessing the economic power of a thriving golf course, we will create year-round, innovative, holistic educational programming for grades 1-12 to help accelerate learning in a safe environment, building on the existing assets of our surrounding community.

How We Make An Impact


We are creating a championship-level golf course with a new clubhouse, restaurant, driving range, and more so that Cobbs Creek will become a destination for local and national golf fans alike.

Restoration Plans

Our Team


  • President

    Jeffrey Shanahan

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Executive Vice President

    Michael O'Neill

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • COO

    Enrique Hervada

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Project Development Director

    Don Dissinger

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • CFO

    Chuck Bernicker

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Director of Development and Communications

    Julia Dignam

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Development and Communications Officer

    Colby Roberts

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Golf Course Superintendent

    Ben Dewan

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Old Course Superintendent

    Patrick Andrews

    Cobbs Creek Foundation

  • Executive Director of TGR LL Philadelphia

    Meredith Foote

    TGR Foundation

  • SVP of Education & Community Engagement

    Maria Stroup

    TGR Foundation

Board Members

  • Chairman

    Christopher Maguire

  • Vice Chair

    William Smilow

  • Founding CEO

    Chris Lange, Sr.

  • President

    Jeffrey Shanahan

  • Vice President

    James Woodland

  • Vice President

    Michael O'Neill

  • Secretary

    Chris Dodson

  • Treasurer

    Jason Ray

  • Russ Ball

  • William Boonn

  • James Bradbeer

  • Amara Briggs

  • Steve Davidson

  • Caroline DeMarco

  • Michele Dowell

  • Harold Epps

  • Michael Forman

  • Christopher Franklin

  • Thomas Gravina

  • Terrence Griffith

  • Reginald Johnson

  • Steve Kelly

  • Fran Van Kirk

  • Chris Lange, Jr.

  • Kevin Lucey

  • James Maguire

  • Deborah Maine

  • Michael McDermott

  • George Nichols

  • Megan Maguire Nicoletti

  • Charles Pizzi

  • Andy Pyfer

  • Marjorie Rendell

  • William Sasso

  • Judith von Seldeneck

  • Oscar Turner

  • Matthew Tewksbury

  • Cyrus Walker

  • Stanley Woodland


  • TGR Foundation

  • Parks & Recreation

  • The City of Philadelphia

  • African America Chamber of Commerce

Frequently Asked Questions

What is being done to prevent flooding?

The Cobbs Creek Foundation has pledged at least $15 million for a restoration of three miles of Cobbs Creek and its tributaries, to prevent further ecological damage. In addition, more than 16,000 new trees, shrubs and other vegetation will be planted in the floodplain. Additionally, the project will create 37 acres of new wetlands to alleviate flooding on the property.

Who owns Cobbs Creek Golf Course?

The City of Philadelphia has leased the land to the Cobbs Creek Foundation, which is spearheading the revitalization of the course. The lease agreement is for 70 years. The new course will be self-sustaining, with any earned revenue going directly to pay for the costs and upkeep of the course and the property. Any earned revenue in excess of operating costs will go toward the Education Center.

Who is paying for the revitalization project?

The Cobbs Creek Foundation is raising over $100 million from individual donors, public funding and other generous supporters who believe in the project.

What is the Cobbs Creek Foundation? What does it do?

The Cobbs Creek Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of Philadelphia residents, as well as community, civic, and business leaders seeking to create an all-inclusive, state-of-the-art golf campus that unites communities while educating and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow.​ In addition to revitalizing the physical property, the Foundation is partnering with schools and engaging with the community to develop programs in partnership with the surrounding neighborhoods.​ The Foundation will also aim to attract visitors, drive revenue, and raise awareness of the course’s role in America’s golfing history. ​

Will Cobbs Creek be a private club? Can anyone play?

Cobbs Creek has always been a public course, and that is how it will stay. The completed Cobbs Creek Golf Course will be accessible to people from all over the city and beyond.

When will all this be finished?

Our target date for completion of the Education and Community Engagement Center is Fall 2024. Driving range is Summer 2025. The golf course is targeted to be open in Summer 2026.

Annual Reports


Cobbs Creek History

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03 / 04


A Humble Water Mill Outside of Philadelphia.


Appoints Hugh Wilson & The Philadelphia School of Golf Architecture to Design the Course.


By Welcome Female Golfers Before They Even Had Voting Rights.


The Home Course for Barrier-Breaker Charlie Sifford.


The Men's and Women's Open, Won by Greats Howard Wheeler, Lucy Williams. and Thelma Cowans.


15% of the course was annexed by the U.S. Military for an anti-aircraft battery during the early years of the Cold War. This loss of acreage significantly re-routed the course, adversely affecting a third of the holes, most of them among the most renowned and iconic on the golf course.


The Daily News Open Played by Legends like Arnold Palmer.


The First Black Golfer on the PGA Tour, Winning Two Official Events in 1967 and 1969, and Paving the Way for a New Generation of Minority Golfers.

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Cobbs Creek Foundation Announces Partnership with Nike

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