Our Purpose

At the Cobbs Creek Restoration and Community Foundation, we seek to create an all-inclusive, state-of-the-art golf campus that unites communities and educates and shapes the leaders of tomorrow.


Applied Learning

Through partnerships with youth golf development organizations, offering a home course to local university golf teams, hosting after-school programs, and providing hands-on experiential learning experiences, we’ll invest in the future leaders of our community.

Historic Future

We plan to preserve and celebrate this land’s great history through the creation of cultural exhibits, history tours, and educational opportunities. Thus, we will encourage future generations to make their own mark on the world, like the legends who came before us at Cobbs Creek.

Community Landmark

We are setting out to restore our waterways, create up to 40 acres of new wetlands, and preserve our land to become a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary within 350 acres of Fairmount Park.

Sustainable Philanthropy

Not only does this undertaking create hundreds of local jobs, provide thousands of dollars in community grants, and add millions of dollars in new revenue to further better our city, the operating model of the foundation will be financially self-sustaining. Revenue from daily operations will be invested back into the maintenance of the campus and our important programs.