Our Impact on the Local Economy

The $20 plus million restoration project of Cobbs Creek Golf Club will have a significant one- time economic impact on the local economy. It will put local construction workers to work, and it will also represent procurement opportunities for a variety of local vendors of various goods and services. According to Econsult Solutions, we find that the project will yield $32.6 million in economic impact within the local economy, supporting 230 jobs and $16.3 million in labor income. This amount of economic footprint will also have a beneficial impact on local and state government, by creating temporary expansions in various tax bases. It is estimated that the restoration will support a one-time infusion of $560,000 in tax revenues to the City.

More importantly, the project will restore a once vibrant Fairmont Park asset, provide numerous benefits to children such as a medium for physical activity, developing friendships, and learning developmental skills. By providing active recreation opportunities, the Cobbs Creek Golf Club will improve health outcomes for local youth and reduce social service costs for City government. After-school programming is proven to improve educational and employment outcomes for youth participants, with attendant gains for society as school performance improves, dropout rates decline, and graduates achieve higher earning potential. All of these outcomes contribute to the economic and intellectual vibrancy of our city.