This restoration isn’t just a preservation of Philadelphia’s past, but an investment in our city’s future. Through this project, we plan to further benefit our green spaces, provide educational opportunities, generate revenue, and increase tourism, all while cultivating community togetherness.

Intertwined within our city’s own, Cobbs Creek’s backstory is filled with bold acts of heroism and the overcoming of odds. But this remarkable piece of history is today at risk of crumbling away to disrepair.

To save it
we must act now.

We envision a space that celebrates our past triumphs while uniting our community through the sport of golf. We believe that when acting together, we can restore Cobbs Creek to its former glory, while also creating one of the finest fairways the world has ever seen to serve the seasoned and everyday golfer alike.

But much greater than a golf course, our bold vision for Cobbs Creek is supported by these four pillars.