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Date Organization/Event/ Community Member
7/13/21 Yoga 4 Philly
7/14/21 Overbrook Park Civic Association
7/15/21 Neubauer Foundation
7/15/21 Community Jazz Night:

Overbrook Park Civic Association/ Office of Councilman Jones

7/27/21 Office of Councilman Jones
7/29/21 Office of State Representative Morgan Cephas
7/30/21 Overbrook Library Arts and Crafts Event
8/3/21 Constituent of Councilman Jones
8/13/21 Mastery Charter Harrity Back-To-School Fair
8/13/21 Lewis C. Cassidy School
8/14/21 Rose Playground Community Clean Up
8/17/21 Overbrook Educational Center Back-To-School Fair
9/2/21 Chris Pugliese: Educator Training and Coaching Services
9/7/21 Hire Philly Coalition
9/8/21 Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
9/9/21 Office of Gun Violence Prevention
9/9/21 Buddy Martin
9/11/21 Rose Playground Community Clean-Up
9/20/21 William Penn Foundation
9/16/21 First Tee Affiliate/The Haverford School
9/28/21 Nike (Ardmore Location)
9/28/21 Our Village Tutoring
9/10/21 Chris Pugliese
10/2/21 Bethel AME Church
10/6/21 East Lake Foundation
10/7/21 Melissa Anderson – Neubauer Foundation
10/8/21 Chris Pugliese
10/14/21 OPCA Community Zoom
10/15/21 Tiffany Ellis (Climate Manager-Lewis C. Cassidy School)
10/18/21 Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Doctor
10/21 Templeton Foundation
10/21/21 Inner Strength Foundation
10/26/21 Yoga 4 Philly
10/27/21 Dr. Bruce Nkala (Educator)
11/2/21 Jenn Mautone (CHOP-Cobbs Creek)
11/2/21 Dawan Williams from NOMO
11/4/21 Mighty Writers
11/5/21 Peter’s Place
11/13/21 Rose Playground Community Clean-Up
11/15/21 19th District’s Captain’s Town Hall Meeting
11/22/21 Philadelphia Office of School Climate
11/23/21 Youth Townhall Event at Nomo
12/2/21 Common Place
12/7/21 Saint Francis de Sales
12/14/21 Police Athletic League
12/18/21 Gift Donation Holiday Party- Overbrook Educational Center
1/13/22 Saint Francis de Sales: Catholic Humanitarians Service-Learning Program
1/26/22 Community Townhall
1/27/22 Overbrook Educational Center 
1/28/22 MCFS
1/24/22 19th Police District Community Zoom
2/10/22 Jarrod Grant
2/10/22 Prince Holloway Esq.
2/11/22 Patricia Harris
2/11/22 Overbrook Educational Center/Lewis. C. Cassidy School
2/14/22 Overbrook Educational Center Valentine’s Day Programming
2/17/22 Child Guidance Resource Center
2/18/22 NOMO Foundation
2/18/22 OPCA Community Zoom
2/19/22 Cobbs Creek Golf Course Community Clean-Up
2/22/22 Cristo Rey High School
2/24/22 Walnut Street First Tee
2/25/22 Bethel AME Church
2/26/22 Black History Month Celebration
3/8/22 Overbrook Educational Center
3/9/22 Cobbs Creek Ambassadors
3/15/22 St. Barnabas Community Center
3/15/22 West Philly Police Athletic League
3/18/22 Lewis C.Cassidy/Lamberton School
3/18/22 Latisha Swan-Brown/Tiffani-Ellis
3/19/22 Overbrook Educational Center-First Tee Programming
3/22/22 Lamberton School
3/22/22 Mastery Charter Harrity
3/23/22 Cobbs Creek Environmental
3/24/22 Dorenda Kelly (Local Teacher)
3/29/22 Audobon Society
4/2/22 Rose Playground Community Clean-Up
4/4/22 Cobbs Creek Ambassadors
4/7/22 Hamilton Family Foundation
4/8/22 Timothy Rheimer
4/13/22 Lamberton/Lewis C. Cassidy
4/13/22 Beyond the Green
4/14/22 Little Shepards Daycare/Shepards Christian Academy
4/15/22 Mighty Writers
4/16/22 Cobbs Creek Environmental–Easter Egg Hunt
4/19/22 YMWIC (Young Men & Women in Charge)
4/22/22 Carol Allen (Community Member/Former Teacher)
5/2/22 Nate Oxman
5/3/22 Dream Program
5/3/22 West Philadelphia Achievement Charter
5/4/22 Salt and Life Church
5/5/22 Daniel Stern
5/6/22 Office of Climate and Culture- Social-Emotional Learning Specialist
5/10/22 Just Strategies
5/10/22 Multicultural Family Services
5/16/22 WHYY  


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