A Successful Holiday Gift Drive

For this year’s holiday gift drive, we reached out to two of our school partners (West Philadelphia Academic Charter Elementary School and Overbrook Educational Center), asking them to identify 10 families needing support during this season. In order to personalize each set of gifts, we asked every family to create a list of 3-4 things their children needed (clothing, shoes, etc.) as well as 3-4 things they wanted (toys, games, etc.). Our team also reached out also to two of our in-area valued nonprofit partners and asked them if they had families that needed extra support during the holidays. In total we were able to sponsor 92 children with at least 8 gifts each! Due to the generosity and hard work of our youth advisory board, family donors, board members, Lower Merion High School and Episcopal Academy, the gifts came pouring in.
Our out-of-area partners donated hours of their time to wrap every gift; and these gifts were delivered by Santa during our holiday parties, which featured cookie decorating, Christmas Bingo, and fun games. A big thank you to everyone who participated in this tremendous expression of holiday magic.
We are extremely grateful for every donation of money, gifts shopped for, and the important time donated to wrap and distribute gifts.
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